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Project Development

What We Do

Since 2006, SPI Solar has been a leading solar project developer, delivering competitive, clean energy solutions to customers across the US. A number of our operating projects are some of the most recognizable solar PV projects in the World. Our roof top project at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where the Lakers play, can be seen on TV at some point every week throughout the year. Our Aerojet project was selected by then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as a back drop for a press conference where the Governor signed an executive order calling for 33% of California’s energy to be derived from renewable sources.


At SPI Solar, we provide cost-competitive and reliable energy options for our customers:

· Custom renewable generation and energy service options;

· Track record of customer focus;

· Development expertise;

· Financial strength;

· Ongoing Partnerships

SPI Solar’s Project Development team provides a fully integrated solution to bring projects from conception to construction including: project siting and permitting, financing, market development, as well as securing power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Solar Assets

What We do

SPI works to understand your specific requirements and deliver the technology and applications that ensures efficiency and reliable electricity.


SPI partners with you to evaluate your unique load characteristics and engineer designs that deliver value today, while providing the technology that enables you to easily scale projects well into the future.


What We do

SPI provides on-site commissioning resources to integrate and connect system assets, often working in conjunction with local resources, such as EPC’s and contractors.


SPI's ongoing system support includes direct assistance, support via qualified partners, and options for owner-operators to receive training that addresses both basic and advanced aspects of system support.

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Interested in becoming an Agent?

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