JOB Title: Credit Analyst 

Assess customer credit standing, review customer payment history and analyze credit data and financial statements to determine the degree of risk involved in extending credit to customer.  Evaluate customer records and recommend payment terms, credit based on earnings, payment history and purchase activities.  Monitor, evaluate and communicate changes in credit risk for portfolio of accounts (including financial condition, credit limits and past dues). Analyze credit terms compare liquidity, profitability and payment history then make recommendations for credit terms adjustments. Confer with credit association and other business representatives and consult with customers to resolve complaints and verify payment and transaction issues. Monitor compliance with credit policy and communicate issues, including over limits and past dues. Create and implement improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit management and risk assessment processes. Ensure audit compliance.
Minimum requirement: MBA in Finance or Accounting.
Mail resume to: HR Department, SPI Solar, Inc., 4803 Urbani Ave, McClellan Park, CA 95652